David Archuleta's Parents Have Filed for Divorce

David Archuleta's Parents Have Filed for Divorce-photo


Radar Online reports that the 18-year-old American Idol favorite David Archuleta's parents, James Jeffrey Archuleta and Lupe Marie Archuleta, quietly filed divorce papers back in February—perhaps not so coincidentally, a month after James was busted for soliciting sexual services in a Midvale, Utah, massage parlor.

Citing irreconcilable differences, the estranged couple initially agreed that Lupe would pay approximately $349 a month in child support (the couple has a total of five children), splitting any additional costs that would arise from raising the children. The couple also agreed that they would sell their house in Murray, Utah, and split the proceeds.

However, in July Lupe filed a Motion to Set Aside Divorce Settlement, claiming  that Jeffrey's annual income was actually about five times higher than he originally claimed. (Jeffrey countered that, after overhead and other expenses, his income was in line with what he claimed.)

The couple had filed for divorce once before in 2002, but decided to stick together shortly after David placed first in a Star Search competition.

Maybe Archie's upcoming Christmas tour can bring them together once again?



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  • pawOlithaa haan arzhiee ;D
    pawOlithaa haan arzhiee ;D

    zho daviid aa aamo ZEE mii iidOlO geniaal zeriiaa viiniieraa k anguila un meexiikO xD lO aamo ii Kääntää geeniaal

  • GoDavidArchieGo

    I hope that their family will stay together and not spread apart. I hope for the best of David and for his family.

  • kysmelly

    Who cares

  • violet4ever

    The divorce shouldn't be in the news.. The big news is David's amazing Christmas album and his upcoming tour. You must hear this album. I bought it just because it's David. But I love it because it is stunningly beautiful beyond all expectations. The clips do not do it justice. You can find it on AOL listening party and hear the whole cd.

  • katarin

    poor boy. i'm not a big fan of his but still, i feel so sorry for him. this will be hard for him. but things will come out as they always do. lets just hope that this get bloody or messy as most divorces do.

  • mememememe

    is david a. gay? If someone could give me a serious answer, that would be appreciated. Not asking to be "mean" or have fun, just wanted to know. thx

  • oooturtleo

    why is this news that people would care about???

  • letertef

    girl- cool

  • molobas


  • la

    I'm sure that David loves both parents, and both have been involved in his life and career since last January. This is their personal business, and I hope for the best for the Archuleta family.

  • Me

    If you love David, you should support him and not put down his parents! After all, I'm sure he loves them both. How would you feel in his situation? David is not a reflection of his parents and no one should judge him! All I know is that his voice is incredible and worthy of a superstar!

  • n smit
    n smit

    David seems like he has great values. He got them from someone! All my best to him!

  • limones

    and i hope he doesn't get too stressed over his parents divorce

  • Sherry

    delta, once more, you do not know all the circumstances and I hope you never endevor anything in your life that may cause someone to judge you. David's singing and attitude has enlightend MANY people.

  • Sherry

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Maybe we should not stick our nose in other peoples business. God works in mysterious ways, and YOU never know what may come back and bite you.

  • bebetop


  • delta

    not likely - good riddance to jeff... i hope lupe takes his sorry butt to the cleaners, and he - he, not david, has to provide support for his ex and the minor kids... your info is erroneous about the child support payments... reading the divorce papers posted online, it states They agreed to split certain expenses like medical bills and travel for the kids. But the divorce agreement states that Jeff would be paying Lupe a $300 plus monthly sum because he is a full-time employee and she's not. They both agreed not to pay each other alimony. They will be splitting the profits of the house. They will share all vehicles and if they sell them, they'll split the profit on that too. That is all in the divorce settlement that's been made public online.

  • ks

    David's such a sweetie, hope he doesn't get too stressed over his parents divorce. Maybe he will buy his own place in LA, preferably next to my house!