David Archuleta’s Parents Have Filed for Divorce


Radar Online reports that the 18-year-old American Idol favorite David Archuleta’s parents, James Jeffrey Archuleta and Lupe Marie Archuleta, quietly filed divorce papers back in February—perhaps not so coincidentally, a month after James was busted for soliciting sexual services in a Midvale, Utah, massage parlor.

Citing irreconcilable differences, the estranged couple initially agreed that Lupe would pay approximately $349 a month in child support (the couple has a total of five children), splitting any additional costs that would arise from raising the children. The couple also agreed that they would sell their house in Murray, Utah, and split the proceeds.

However, in July Lupe filed a Motion to Set Aside Divorce Settlement, claiming  that Jeffrey’s annual income was actually about five times higher than he originally claimed. (Jeffrey countered that, after overhead and other expenses, his income was in line with what he claimed.)

The couple had filed for divorce once before in 2002, but decided to stick together shortly after David placed first in a Star Search competition.

Maybe Archie’s upcoming Christmas tour can bring them together once again?