John Mayer Talks Miley and Twitter

Even John Mayer has something to say about Miley Cyrus’ dramatic exit from the land of Twitter!

Last week, the 16-year-old decided to shut down her Twitter account to the dissapointment of her millions of fans.

Now, notorious Twitter addict John Mayer has chimed in on the hot topic. He tells MTV,

 ’I think she’s smart enough to realize there is some interference of the brain that she doesn’t want to deal with. Artists have enough to deal with. She’s a child, she’s a fantastic artist, I think there’s enough mental real estate being taken up by dealing with all of that stuff..

For whatever reason, I am old enough and smart enough to tell someone to go f— themselves if they tell me to go f— myself. I think if you’re in Miley’s situation, it might take a little too much time to play goalie for your own heart and mind. So I totally get it.’

What about Mayer? Would he ever follow in the “Party In The USA” singer’s footsteps?

“I would rather tell the world to eat my a–hole before I would delete my Twitter account.”

Well said, Mr. Mayer. Well said!