Lindsay Lohan: Heading for the Slammer?

Lindsay Lohan, violating the terms of her probation from her 2007 DUI? Say it ain’t so!

TMZ reports that the judge in LiLo’s DUI case has ordered the Just My Luck actress to appear in person for a progress report on her sobriety on Friday. According to sources, the people running Lohan’s alcohol-education course—which she’s been attending as a condition of her probation—contacted the judge out of concern for Lohan, and may have already told the court that she’s in violation of the program’s terms.

What would make them think that? Have they been reading Linds’ Twitter account or something?

If it’s found that Lohan has violated the terms of the program, and hence her probation, the judge could revoke her probation—which could quite possibly mean jail time for the 23-year-old.

On the plus side, now maybe Michael Lohan won’t have to worry about that intervention that he’s been very publicly planning.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Lindsay has fallen off the wagon, and do you think she’ll have to pay for it?