Selena Gomez Wants to Dress You Up

Add Selena Gomez to the long list of young celebrities who have crossed over into the clothing-design arena.

WWD reports that the Wizards of Waverly Place star is launching an eco-friendly clothing line, Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez, in conjunction with Generra designer Tony Melillo and fashion-biz vet Sandra Campos.

The line, which will hit stores in Fall 2010, will include everything from boho dresses, floral printed tops, jeans, skirts and jackets—all manufactured with an eye toward protecting the environment.

Says Gomez,

“With my line, I really want to give the customer options on how they can put their own looks together. I want the pieces that can be easy to dress up or down, and the fabrics being eco-friendly and organic are superimportant. Also, the tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message.”

Such an altruistic soul.

Tell us in the comments section: Do you plan to let Selena Gomez pick out your clothes for you?

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