Tracy Morgan and Chris Kattan: Not Really on Friendly Terms

In case this wasn’t already evident, Tracy Morgan isn’t one to mince words.

Case in point, the audio version of Morgan’s new autobiography, I Am the New Black.

While discussing his rise through the ranks of Saturday Night Live, the 30 Rock funnyman veers just a little off the script to talk about which of his SNL cohorts he admires, and which he wouldn’t cross the street to spit on.

In Morgan’s eye, Will Ferrell, Colin Quinn and Molly Shannon are A-OK.

Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri? Not so much.

Quoth Morgan,

“All I have to say about that is, where’s Chris Kattan now? Where’s Cheri Oteri now? That bitch can’t even get arrested.”

Morgan ends his rant with a two-word summation: “F*ck ‘em.”

(You can hear audio of Morgan’s double-dis here.)

Don’t hold back, Tracy!

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