Ian Somerhalder Lands ‘Cradlewood’ Lead

Good news, Ian Somerhalder fans; you’re about to see a lot more of the sexy Vampire Diaries star.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Somerhalder has landed the lead role in the upcoming “romantic gothic fairy tale” Cradlewood. Somerhalder will be playing the heir to a large fortune whose family history may or may not involve a pact with a demon deeming that, whenever a boy is born into the family, the father is killed. When Somerhalder begins to suspect that his girlfriend (to be played by The Boys Are Back’s Emma Lung) is pregnant, he fears that he will become a victim of the pact. 

Says executive producer Michael Shane,

“We see this is as almost like an American-style Pan’s Labyrinth in look and feel. It’s a perfect segue for the kids who have outgrown Twilight but want something romantic and scary. Our monster will be quite terrifying; she is sexually attractive and monstrous at the same time.”

Sound creepy—and sexy!

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Cradlewood could be a hit for Somerhalder?