Katharine McPhee Is Going Through Changes, Y’all

Expect to meet a whole new Katharine McPhee when her new album Unbroken hits shelves in January.

The American Idol fave—who already went through a physical transformation for the record—sat down with PopEater recently to talk about her artistic evolution between the release of her eponymous 2007 debut and the recording of its follow-up.

Explains McPhee,

“One thing I wanted to do was really feel like I was singing a song, a melody line. My first record was more of like a pop driven record, but I really just wanted to sing a song with a simple melody. Doug Morris, who’s the head of Universal Music, suggested I go to Nashville, not because I was going to make a country record, but because there’s so many great songwriters. When I went there, I actually cried in one of the songwriting and listening sessions because I was so overwhelmed with this plethora of gorgeous melodies and meaningful lyrics. That was a discovery for me. I was thrilled to be writing with people who had stories to tell.”

Should be interesting to hear how this new approach comes across on record.

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