Leona Lewis Attacker Spurred by Jealousy?

The motive of a man who allegedly punched singer Leona Lewis in the head at a book signing on Wednesday may have been revealed.

The Sun reports that the alleged assailant, Peter Kowalczyk, was a failed aspirant on the British talent show X Factor, which Lewis had previously won.

According to Kowalczyk’s father, Tomasz,

“He wants to be a singer. He went along and queued at X Factor. How far he got with it? Nowhere.”

Compounding matters is the fact that Kowalczyk—who was sectioned in the hospital under the Mental Health Act after the incident—apparently had a history of mental illness beforehand.  The alleged assailant apparently suffers from anaemia, which his parents say can affect his mental state, andwas being treated by England’s National Health Service with weekly music therapy.

Lewis, meanwhile, is still shaken up by the experience, and according to a family friend is planning to beef up her security detail:

“Now she wants a 24-hour security team with plain-clothed guards hidden in the crowd when she goes shopping or out with friends.”