More On The Balloon Boy Investigation!

After their numerous sketchy TV appearances last night and this morning, the Heene family’s situation is getting weirder and weirder.

TMZ is reporting that Colorado sherriff department will be conducting interviews with the family starting tomorrow, including Falcon, to understand what exactly happened. Why the delay? A sherriff’s official said that “their physical and emotional state as of this morning is not well.”

As you know, many people are speculating that yesterday’s events were all fabricated by the family to get media exposure. Which makes sense, as the family has appeared on two episodes of Wife Swap, and have been pitching their own reality TV series around town!

A TLC official confirmed that the Heene family approached the network “months ago” with a reality show idea, but the network passed. The father, Richard Heene also pitched a series to Reality Real, as well as RDF Productions.

What do you believe? Share your thoughts below!