PHOTO GALLERY: Lindsay Lohan's Court Date

Lindsay Lohan is back in court, y'all!

Looking a little worse for wear (to put it lightly), the actress arrived in court to discuss her probation for drunken driving and other criminal charges in a Beverly Hills courthouse today.

The actress was granted a year extension to complete her alcohol education classes. Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge that LiLo has been extremely busy and has only been able to complete about half her classes.

The prosecutor also said "if the court has to jump through hoops again to accommodate Lindsay, jail is the only answer."

Check out the new pictures of Lindsay in court! What exactly has she been so "busy" doing?



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  • aimes76

    I can heer her thoughts slurring in her head "um, did he just say i am free to go and will have little to no consequences for my actions? Damn, I need some blow..."

  • jen

    I'm glad that future generations of kids can rest assured knowing that you too can be exempt from the rules and do whatever you want when you have enough money/fame. Thanks Lindsay Lohan!

  • Nor

    the poor girl...shes fallen a long way health wise, remember her in mean girls? So healthy and curvy and pretty...these are sad pictures to look at, they're actually upsetting really...

  • someone

    I know nothing about these stuff .. but get this .. if you're a girl then you're just jealous of her and if you're a guy then give her a damn break ...

  • kr1sty

    so sad to see this.. Remember when Lindsay was pretty, healthy, and LOOKED healthy & Happy? sigh....

  • sa5m

    she looks so awfull. don't she?!

  • harris

    she looks hungover to the max, she needs those classes she missed.

  • reneelucky7

    This is the worst I have ever seen her look.

  • reneelucky7

    How can someone that makes millions look like crap? She looks like she just woke up.

  • mod16

    she looks nasty

  • Mel

    She's a "fashion designer" and that was the best outfit she could come up with for court?

  • kenza

    She looks like she's 40!!