VIDEO: Balloon Boy Raps!

Brace yourselves, people; Balloon Boy is about to get real on you.

Peep this video, which purportedly shows Falcon Heene and his homies (aka, his brothers) busting out their rap epic, “Not P*ssified.” In the video, F-Heene and his crew denounce the process of “p*ssification,” defined as, “The modern day teachings of human beings living a superficial lifestyle of consumerism, obesity, and over-protectiveness for themselves and their children (put them in a corner for ‘Time Out’) in an effort to gain as many supporters as possible to believe that they are better than everyone around them.”

Mind you, the kid is six years old. Clearly, his family does not suffer from the scourge of over-protectiveness. Or anything remotely resembling boundaries.

Check it out (warning: there’s some salty language) and have your say in the comments section: Do we have the next Eminem on our hands here, or just a sad, sad case of parenting gone awry?