Jennifer Aniston’s Love Life: The Experts Weigh In

She’s been characterized in the media as the jilted ex and perpetual singleton—but Jennifer Aniston just might have a shot at true love yet.

In an effort to determine just why Aniston can’t seem to hold onto a man and what she might be able to do about it, PopEater gathered a summit of relationship experts to dissect the former Friends-ter’s relationship prospects.

Their findings are presented below.

Patti Stanger, of Millionaire Matchmaker fame, opines that Aniston needs to stop coupling up with fellow performers—the Vince Vaughns, the John Mayers—and find someone whose own thirst for fame won’t cause complications in their relationship.

“Date a real person, date an entrepreneur, a network exec who makes a bit of money,” Stanger suggests, adding that Aniston’s ideal match is someone who’s “38 and up and maybe wants to have kids.”

Andrea Syrtash, author of the upcoming relationship-advice tome He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing), agrees that a non-famous face might do Aniston’s love-life good, asserting that partnering up with a low-profile beau would be “invaluable in a world where everyone wants a piece of you.”

And if Aniston should decide to continue dating within her fame bracket, Patrick Meagher, a relationship analyst for SIRIUS XM Cosmo Radio, has an interesting suggestion—Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie. After Guy’s particularly ugly split with Madonna, Meagher believes that dating Aniston would be “a walk in the park” for Ritchie.

Ah, but how long a walk would it be?

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Who do you think would be an ideal man for Jennifer Aniston?