Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Reach a Prenup Agreement

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Reach a Prenup Agreement-photo

After a fair amount of back and forth, it looks like Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have found common ground on financial matters.

TMZ reports that the Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami star and the Los Angeles Laker—who tied the knot in September—have arrived at a prenuptial agreement that they can both live with. They two are expected to sign the agreement next week.

Per the agreement, Odom will hold onto his money—which, given his $33 million contract with the Lakers, is substantial—but will fund a joint account for the couple to live off of. Kardashian will also receive an undisclosed annual lump sum, the amount of which will remain frozen throughout the duration of their marriage.

Oh, and apparently Lamar has agreed (with some reported prodding from Khloe's mom, Kris Jenner) to buy the couple a house that will likely be valued at a minimum of $5 million.

Not too shabby!

Let us know in the comments section: Does this sound like a fair deal to you?



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  • Texasgurl

    I liked Khloe until I heard about this I mean don't she have enough, now she wants more just greedy which is a SIN. If she is so in love she wouldn't want anything. For the other person that made the comment that she is smart for all of her request, just think if that was your brother or someone you were related to. I just don't think its right for anyone to do marriage is about LOVE not about MONEY. It seems like the people with money always want to find a way to get more, and Kim Kardashian if that really is you posting you know its true some of it may be false, but you know more than we do, and stop being tired of people making comments if ya'll don't like it stop putting all of ya'll business on the street. By the way to make myself clear I love the show and all of the girls and the family but stop making excuses.

  • lil

    She don't deserve sh*t.

  • eserea

    I would be so

  • laburna

    Now that's one over priced hooker

  • MendySolorzano

    Khloe is as straight forward as they come. She hasn't had the best luck in relationships and if she is investing her feelings and youth, then she deserves something in return if Lamar doesn't hold up to his end of the deal. It appears that they love each other and are soul mates. I can only wish them the very best and hope they stray from the public eye and have a successful marriage and beautiful babies.

  • tbri1024

    lamar is soo gross, what is up with his lip in every picture? like "huh? duh" confused look. i never even heard of him before khole. and for all those who talk smack, she had money before him and she'll continue to have money after him. (with or without him)

  • yamomanddem

    Lamar got off CLEAN yall!! Good for him! its not like it will last anyway..what he's giving Khloe (aka the female version of Kimbo Slice with extensions) is a drop in the bucket for him... I give it 4 more months as Lamar was already seen talking to a chick for well over an hour after the Lakers game the other night

  • from Kim Kardashians twitter
    from Kim Kardashians twitter

    # I'm so sick of all the Lamar & Khloe prenup rumors! Everything is so inaccurate & untrue! Where do they come up w this stuff!about 3 hours ago from TweetGenius

  • Julia

    If you guys are planning on divorcing, then yea it's fine. But if you say forever, and have no doubt you'll spend the rest of your lives together, then everything you both have should be both of yours, not his and hers. I don't think a marriage works that way.

  • Bica

    Smart Girl!!!! For all of you haters that think she is not smart or whatever.....obviously she is smart and a good business woman. Wouldn't we all love to be paid to be married. She is not an idiot she knows how to be set for life. Stop hating her just because you are NOT her. Love KK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Annette

    It's between you and Lamar. What is important is the love you spare and the future you are building. Blessings and don't let mom or anyone pressure you or make you feel in anyway bad. As a mom of two girls I understand a mom's desire to what the best for her daughters but in the end it is you and Lamar in the marriage and you won the heart of the man you love!

  • momma

    gold digger

  • Shocked

    WTF is he paying for?

  • Annna

    That's ALL his money I never understood WHY WOMEN feel the right to take what a MAN has EARNED!! If "HE" wants to "GIVE" you some than that's him but dam the paying her annual lump sum!!!!!!!! Women can WORK for there OWN!!