VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Plays Favorites in New Moon

Surprise—Taylor Lautner is firmly entrenched on Team Jacob!

The Twilight actor—who plays boy-turned-wolf Jacob Black in the vampire saga—sat down with Tribute magazine to discuss the Twilight sequel New Moon recently, and revealed the joys of being Jacob.

Says Taylor,

“I love where Jacob’s character is going in New Moon. I know it would be wrong for me to say that he’s not my favorite character, but he honestly is my favorite character. I love him because he has so many different sides to him…He’s just this really happy, friendly kid, and then as soon as he transforms, he becomes this really disturbed, grumpy [person].”

Well, we all have our good days and bad days.

Check out the video of Taylor’s interview and let us know in the comments section: Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?