Katie Holmes Has A New Stylist!

Katie Holmes Has A New Stylist!-photo

Katie Holmes is dressing pretty funky these days, are we right?

Well, her mystery stylist has been revealed! It's Suri Cruise, y'all!

At last night's Elle Women in Hollywood Tribute in Beverly Hills, Katie told Usmagazine.com that 3-year-old Suri pick out her clothes for the night, which is the norm these days.

"She did!" she exclaimed when asked about Suri dressing her. Plus, she gave her a "big thumbs up!" on her Alaia gown, Hermes bag and Givenchy shoes.

She added,

"She loves clothes and picks out her own. She loves running and she loves dancing."

What do you think about Katie's outfit last night and Suri's sense of fashion? Share your thoughts below!



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  • patricia

    it could be true, my 8 years old daughter always goes with me when I want to buy clothes, and I ask my daughter first, because here in brazil, sellers wants only sell their products because they get money from it, and I hate that, they are not sincere with their customers, so my daughter is sincere with me hehehehe....I love to do shopping with her, love that...

  • stevie125

    cute if its true :)

  • helika12

    i don't really believe it completely but cute :)

  • lolasda


  • fdesignercuttie

    awww, i don't really believe it completely but cute :)