PHOTO GALLERY: Lindsay Lohan is Bow-tiful

Oh, Lindsay Lohan; will you never cease to surprise and delight us with your intriguing fashion choices?

The part-time actress/full-time curiosity made the scene at the Rose Bar in New York's Gramercy Hotel on Monday night with a charming bow wrapped around her head.

Set aside for the moment the question of whether someone in Linds' situation should be out partying on a Monday night—click through the photo gallery and let us know what you think of LiLo's new look!



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  • kp

    her fake tan look is horrible .. don't ppl realised it's ugly with such tan color and with blonde hair especially ... and all that drugs and drinking are making her so OLD looking .. god..why is she wasting her life away .. she could have been so High profile actress for the right reason, her acting talent.

  • Sarina

    OMG that is NOT Lindsay Lohan!

  • sjack

    Oh, look. It's Strawberry sh*tcake. HAHAHA! LOL! That was great.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Oh, look. It's Strawberry sh*tcake.