VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Talks 'New Moon'

VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Talks 'New Moon'-photo

Everyone's screaming for Taylor Lautner these days, and for good reason!

The ripped 17-year-old won the "Breakout Male Performer" at Saturday night's Scream Awards, and Access Hollywood caught up Taylor to talk about—what else—New Moon!

Check out what he had to say in the video below:

What do you think? Will you ever get sick of shirtless Taylor Lautner?



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  • aisha

    helll i just want to meet the cast although if that did happen then i wouldn't know wha to say n they will probably ignore me and talk amongst themselves, that way i can qiuetly admire oh taylor lautner my dream guy biggest crush ever ,kristen stewart my role model(1 coz she's totally down to earth n 2 coz i want to learn how to score lucky and have to gorgoeus guys love you even hough it maybe onscreen),robert pattison coz he's ultra cool.and stephenie meyer my inspiration. but hey no body ever let me meet the whole wolf pack including taylor with them coz i'll pass out. lol

  • aisha

    now thats why i love this guy he is humble ,funny and sincere i love that its hard not to get swallowed up and caught up in all the fame but he is grounded and appreciative and i adore jadore taylor lautner.i wish i could meet you some day

  • LoveJacob

    LOL!! As much as I love his bod, I vote no also. He's only 17. He needs to keep his shirt on when he's not filming for something. Hope he never changes thay shy personality. Love u Taylor!! Can't wait for the movies. New Moon then Eclipse. Then the final 1, Breaking Dawn. Woohoo!!

  • sydsouth

    * hahahhaa...." I VOTE NO!!! "...HAHAH lolZ* he's awesome.....ect. * TAYLOR fans unite!!! * =}

  • sydsouth

    * I adore him,,,and care what he says ....robert's mind just blanks out when he gets asked a question...* =} ROBERT PATTINSON: "UUUUUUHHHHHH,,,WH----AAATTT? "

  • obsessed

    lmfaoo same here i care what robert thinks about it :P

  • lizbizz11

    I honestly don't care anymore what Taylor Lautner thinks about the movie.

  • NOTE:

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