Contest: Win an LG 390 Blu-ray Disc Player with VUDU streaming capabilities!

Contest:  Win an LG 390 Blu-ray Disc Player with VUDU streaming capabilities!-photo

Sure, movies are fun to look at—but crisp, all-encompassing audio is a vital part of the movie-viewing experience too. With its Surround Sound technology, audio giant Dolby has been providing that crucial element to movie-goers for decades.

Dolby recently showed off their coolest new gadgets at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, and Celebuzz was on hand to check them out. Take a look at video of our visit below:

Need a little bit of Surround Sound in your life? We're giving you a chance to win an LG 390 Blu-ray disc player with VUDU streaming capabilities, valued at $350. And all you have to do is tell us a little about yourself.

Hit up the comments section and let us know what type of audio personality you are:

Are you an Audio Visionary, constantly taking audio to the next level?

Do you have Audio Attitude, expecting your entertainment to be as unique as you are?

Do you have Audio Adrenaline, pushing the limits when you listen to your music?

Are you Audio Legendary, wanting to be transported straight to the source?

Are you Audio Intensity, needing audio that you can feel in your bones?

Good luck!



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  • thorenxxx

    Audio Intensity defines my style. This Blu-ray would finish off my system nicely.

  • Sarah

    I'm Audio Attitude because I do feel that there is nobody else like me.

  • Johnnyk

    Audio Legendary - I want the closest thing I can get to the original sound in the studio as it was mixed. I'm disappointed that DVD-Audio has died out, and that most SACD production has stopped. Dolby TrueHD brings the experience back to consumer audio.

  • lozenp

    Audio Intensity, I like to FEEL the bass in my movies.

  • kerry614

    Audio Attitude! I expect my entertainment to be as unique as I am which why I thought of such a creative response to this question.

  • Dave

    I am Audio Legendary. I like to close my eyes and get surrounded by the sound. Imagine that I am at the concert-- or how I would play the song if i were performing!

  • Polly Lin
    Polly Lin

    I am most definitely an Audio Intensity. I adore music that rattles my bones and shakes & loosens me up after a long, hard day. I like to turn the volume up to the highest and just bask in the music.

  • buzzinyoung


  • sarah

    I think i am audio attitude because i want my audio experience to be unique. I use music a lot in my life and i always want to make it a fresh thing. There are so many ways to hear music and i want to make it unique

  • chamkim

    I'm Audio Adrenaline, I want my audio pumping like me.

  • patrick

    Audio Attitude.

  • thorenx

    Audio Attitude - My listening tastes are insane -- video game soundtracks new age to classical to rap to indie alternative. I like to take my collection of 60,000 songs and just set it to random.

  • Gini

    I have some audio attitude! If I can shut my eyes in my living room and feel like I'm in a theater, count it as a successful movie night.

  • WlknDisaster

    Audio Intensity: when I go to a concert, I like to be as close up to the stage as possible even if it means getting a serious case of cotton-in-ears for a day or so afterwards

  • guano2392

    Audio Attitude-I want sound quality that measures up to my personal standards!

  • Xanderpants

    I am the thing of legends. My ears are able to pick up sounds of the universe that before were thought to not exist. I can hear what a dying crab whispers to his only son as he lays on his deathbed at the bottom of the Black Sea. I can hear the faint snap of synapses as a small Japanese girl finally comes up with the perfect costume for Halloween. I hear the three-toed sloth swallow as it feeds on the bitter marula fruit and emits a sluggish "ahh-eeee" in delight. I here the gentle groan of a baby wildebeest as it tastes fresh grass after longs months of frigid winter. I hear the echoing creak of the giant redwood tree as it stretches its arms in the wind like a gentle old man. Listen. You too can hear these things if you truly just listen.

  • melsyke

    I'm an Audio Legendary like my husband. We would love to win this Blu Ray player to go with our new LG TV. We didn't have the budget leftover for a new DVD player!

  • cougar

    Audio Legendary! I want to be immersed into my movies and feel like I am there!

  • jumb

    Audio Legendary, for sure.

  • jEnsmo

    I would say "Audio Intensity"...nothing like watching an awesome battle/action scene and feeling the sound waves pound you!!!

  • Pillworm

    Audio Visionary

  • Shelley M.
    Shelley M.

    I am an Audio Legendary because I want to get lost in whatever audio I am experiencing.

  • mike

    i'm an audio adrenaline type of dude

  • Arnon

    I'm 100% Audio Legendary. Having fantastic, realistic sound for movies is essential to a high-quality experience, especially when the surround sound experience fools you into thinking someone's knocking on your door or someone somehow got behind you in your living room. It scares the living crap out of you half the time.

  • untilidie

    Audio Attitude all the way.

  • scrimp212

    Audio Intensity for sure. I love hearing crisp highs and lowest lows. Especially when the lows feel like they're kicking me in the chest :D

  • tanyah

    Audio Attitude! I like original and one-of-a-kind things. Hope to win... This would be amazing!

  • tomsfat

    I am Audio Legendary, in that I want to have to pause the movie because I thought I herd something down the hall that was freeking me out, then turns out it was background noise coming from the surround sound that tricked me. Or when I have friends over I want them to say, "come in" when they hear someone knock on the door in a movie. Ok so usually it only works on the older generation, but I've fooled myself a few times.

  • chuckbu17

    I'm audio legendary. When I watch a movie I want to feel like I'm being shot at while storming the beaches of Normandy or my lame car is actually transforming into megaoptimustron. Im also audio intensity bc i hate my neighbors.

  • samantha

    Audio Legendary - I want to be where it is. To be rocking away at a concert, or in the middle of a car chase action scene, or front row seats at a hockey game right against the boards, when I want, where I want...that's what legendary is made of.

  • hectorv1979

    i just want a new tv

  • sccermn2112

    Definately a mix of Adrenaline and intensity. I need I want to push my system to the max with every movie or song and need to feel like I am right there in it.

  • Freakx2001

    Audio is a big part of a movie... I'm Audio Intensity

  • JenniferFive

    Audio Legendary. I want to be transported, although I know it's not real, it would be like the holodeck on a Star Trek star ship. I'd be in on the action, a character if you will in the epic tale being wrought in HD quality through my screen, reflected and absorbed by my optic nerve and internalized creating the ultimate personal experience. And in the company of good friends of course!

  • Ashley

    'Audio Intensity, needing audio that you can feel in your bones' That describes me to a T.

  • simj

    Audio Intensity. I want to feel it in my marrow

  • Randeezi

    Audio Legendary. I actually got a 5.1 system when I bought my xbox 360. I find it hard to play without it... If I play a game I want IN the game. You can bring what ever you want to a video, but without the right audio you can't bring the noise

  • pittsburghjen

    I would say audio attitude. I like changing things up - depending on what mood I am in. The only way I can listen to music is on Comcast cable TV or on the computer - I don't have a stereo or CD player. I figured I would eventually get a CD walkman, but haven't yet. This would be an awesome gift/prize.

  • sandman

    Audio Intensity. Give me bass, baby!

  • Rusty Bryan
    Rusty Bryan

    I am an audio visionary. I want to hear the goosebumps pop up during a scary scene in the movie or hear the tear drop fall when I watch "The Notebook" with my special lady friend.

  • craigstaunton

    I'm Audio Intensity. Whenever I watch a movie, I want to feel the explosion on my spine. I want the screams to echo in my ear and the cries to rattle in my brain. I want to hear the missile fly by my head and enter the screen as if it really went by me. I'm Audio Intensity and I want it in my bones.

  • Mkauley

    Audio Adrenaline

  • joner325

    I am an Audio Visionary, because I can envision myself winning this contest and setting up a kick-ass home theater.

  • Chris Payne
    Chris Payne

    Audio Legendary here!

  • ash


  • Twixton

    Audio Legendary: I want to be there, immersed in the sound.

  • janetmouse

    I am an audio visionary...always looking for the next best and greatest!

  • Rich

    Audio Intensity - Gives me a sense of being there at the sound's source.

  • Dalton

    i am an audio legendary! i want to be there.

  • Lisa

    Definitly Audi Legenday - I want ot be transported by my entertainment.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Duuude where's my LG 390 Blu-ray Disc Player With VUDU?!!!!

  • Len

    Audio Intensity - I need music to envelope me and completely take me away from whatever I'm doing/thinking. Nothing like feeling the music radiate through your body.

  • raaaghb

    I'm Audio Broke, as in I'm too broke to afford any sound system much less the sound system (or blue ray player) a movie geek like myself deserves...

  • Tyler

    Audio Legendary for sure. I'm more into quality then quantity. I watch a lot of movies because I'm studying to become a film director so I enjoy listening to the sound the way it was intended. I want to be able to hear all highs and the lows of the sound.

  • Christine

    I'm an Audio Legendary, I want to be able to close my eyes and feel like I'm there.

  • Sean

    I'm an Audio Visionary. This is because I see what I hear. I'm also an Visionary Olfactory. I can't look at the color yellow without getting violently ill. This is why I have very few friends. I believe this audio system would help me get them.

  • cockdeezul

    Audio Intensity - Every minute detail of sound coming from the exact location in relation to the action on screen just helps immerse you in the action

  • bjones6191

    Audio Adrenaline - definitely!! Whether listening to music, movies or TV, I want my audio to push the limits and engulf me in bass and treble. The sound that rocks your bones and your soul transporting you to another place.

  • reefdoggie

    Definitely AUDIO INTENSITY!!!! I love that "THEATER" feeling, and sound is crucial. I gotta feel it as well as hear it. A new Blu-Ray player sure would be nice too.

  • d.e.

    I am Audio Intensity, need to feel it.

  • otownmarine

    Definitely Audio Intensity...I want to push the envelope where if I was to crank it up another notch or two, my ears may bleed, but only alittle! In all seriousness, it's very important that the sound be crisp and clear, as well , not just 'hella loud'... does no good to have it loud if it sounds horrible. I tend to think I'm a combination of two of the above, however, as I have a bit of Audio Visionary in me as well.

  • Jeff G.
    Jeff G.

    Audio Intensity

  • giantrobot

    audio attitude! i want the music to sound individual and distinct!

  • LokomoJoe

    I'm audio intensity... I love feeling my chest rumble like a watermelon from intense base...

  • roshambo

    Definitely Audio Legendary. There's nothing like being there.

  • purplecrayon

    I am most certainly an Audio Adrenaline personality. Adrenaline is my drug of choice - whether its diving face first to the earth out of a perfectly good airplane or shooting inspiring and provoking music into my veins (or both), I am definitely a thrill seeker. I enjoy listening to music that feeds this lifestyle and in a manner that gets my blood flowing. Typically LOUD and CRISP.

  • Tomv

    Audio Intensity, definitely!!

  • itsantny

    Audio Legendary.The softer the whisper, the louder the scream- that theres a mouthful of eargasm...

  • scolomb

    I am Audio Visionary/Audio Attitude. I try to have the latest technology so I can get the most out of my entertainment, and I scour any resource I can get my hands on looking for new tunes and anything else I can find to keep me jammin'.

  • juvination

    Audio Intensity-Every sound from a Joaquin Phoenix whisper to a Michael Bay explosion needs to come through in perfect clarity. Even though Nicolas Cage dialogue is awful, it deserves to be heard in its highest quality. An LG 390 Blu-Ray player could heighten every home movie experience...except for an M. Night Shamylayan movie...they would still be awful.

  • jostafro

    Audio Legendary -- I like going to movie theaters because the larger than life screen and the larger than life sounds make me feel like I'm a part of the movie. I strive to have the same in my home.

  • uhohdan

    Audio Legendary. I want to feel like I am there not like I am in a room over taken with bass to where it is distracting, I want it to be and engulfing experience that sucks me into whatever I am watching.

  • kaylaspencer

    I am ALL ABOUT AUDIO. My attitude is to create visionary sound with adrenaline pumping intensity so that when we watch movies we finish with the legendary feeling that the movies were made to portray. In my house we currently have 2, 42 inch lcd flat screen tv's in the living room. At one point in time we had 2, 4 foot tall speakers hooked up to our tvs so that we could live in the movie. It was incredible, and i have missed those speakers ever since we had to give them back. -thanks for your consideration Kayla

  • aldric

    Audio Intensity, I want to feel the floor moving with the sound.

  • ilikestuffs

    Adrenaline & Intensity. Whether it be home theater or car audio, it's pretty simple in that It is without a doubt completely necessary to my well-being. Since I was a child I have been an audio enthusiast and have somewhat recently latched onto some of the higher end offerings within the video arena. In addition, hooray for today's Pandora!

  • daver37

    I have audio Attitude. I want my neighbors to hear what i am watching. I have to listen to their crap all the time, and it would be justice to give them a little payback!!!!!!!!

  • 2pacalypse

    Audio Legendary, just put me there.

  • miloman79

    Audio Visionary - I live in Las Vegas and have done so many things with sound in this town. This town, like many others, has a beat and its hard and fast!

  • nerfherder

    Audio Legendary. You MUST be able to hear the sound as orginally recorded and mixed. Whether it's as the musician intended or as the film-maker envisioned. That is the way to be fully immersed

  • thepolemarch

    Definitely audio adrenaline. Music pushes my system more than anything.

  • swilki

    Audio Legendary. Why else listen to music if it can't transport me somewhere else?

  • astobie

    I am an Audio Legendary. I Love to feel like I am at the source to get that authentic experience.

  • djp33

    Definitely Audio Legendary.

  • kevinddalton

    Audio Legendary - When I listen to music, I want it to seem as if the band is in the same room. When I watch porn, I want to hear the sadness and hopelessness of shattered dreams in the actress' voice. Amazing.

  • brandnew

    I guess I would qualify as an Audio Adrenaline person, although I think I could be classified as all of them. Audio, to me, is one of if not THE KEY factor of an emotional connection to a film, especially the music. I can't count how many times I've teared up during powerfully scored movies, like Up, Lord of the Rings, or Casablanca. The right hook of the melody can turn a man like me into a weeping school girl. And I'm okay with that.

  • lifeslyrics

    Well, I'm broke for one. :) I'm a 24 year old female that loves having friends over for movie night, things like that. I'm a movie junkie, but I'm running off an old school dvd player. I did save up and get an LG Scarlet- so this would be the perfect addition! Thank you! :)

  • blobboid


  • wayne010

    Audio Adrenaline

  • huffbj

    Audio Intensity - I'm afraid of crappy sound. I scoff at the crap, turn my nose up to non-HD. I guess you could call me a snob. But dammit, crisp sound matched with superb picture quality is better than sex.

  • islesdude08

    I am all the above, however I'm not cheesy, keep reading. If you take the starting letters of each (attitude, adrenaline, visionary, intensity, legendary) you come up with AVAIL. I use audio to my AVAIL in every way possible. Audio is a way to express every kind of emotion and each moment provides a different opportunity to use audio to my advantage. A soothing voice, calming music, a low bass line, the crunch of a football hit, a thunderclap, a scream. Audio allows me to match or enhance my expressions and emotions instantaneously, however I see fit.

  • sociallyinept

    Most definitely Audio Legendary.

  • rockied

    Audio Legendary - I'm the man

  • damaio

    Audio Intensity. If you can't feel it, what's the point of listening.

  • monterey

    Audio Legendary

  • brettbates

    Audio Adrenaline. I have alot of house parties and afterhours, so I like to wake up the neighbors and hell people party harder if the music sounds better. Movies are also better louder, makes it seem more like being in the theater.

  • nateisfunny

    Audio Legendary - I want the sound to take me out of reality and put me in the moment the music conveys. The music has to serve as the soundtrack to my life.

  • openintro

    I'm a good mix between Audio Attitude and Audio Adrenaline. I always have to the latest and greatest gadgets and love showing other people about the new gadgets out there. And when it comes to music, I always want it turned up to 11. My home theater system just died, so I am ready to start building a new one!

  • dashman23

    AUDIO LEGENDARY: Film has never been the same since Jolson's voice stunned viewers of '27's The Jazz Singer. I am an Audio Legendary because I place sound design as the single most important element in film. The acting can be sub-par and the film can be poorly shot, but music and sound make or break a flick!

  • phlylealzado

    Audio Intensity for sure. I want to feel the sound way down into my sizable gut.

  • tom2ytx

    Audio Legendary with a dash of Audio Intensity, love to be transported straight to source and then rocked to the core.

  • forsaken

    Audio Legendary. While picture quality is very important, I can make do with less of it. However, if my sound isn't spot on and perfect I can't even watch the TV. Nothing is more vital to a good movie experience than the sound quality.

  • dlang001

    Audio Legendary, I want to close my eyes and imagine I am there. Bass is nice, but give me realism and the crispness to hear things beyond the explosions and moans.

  • liambeamchug

    Audio INTENSITY best encapsulates my audio personality, though I have strong traits of all the above mentioned personalities, as do most audiophiles I would imagine. INTENSITY perhaps just best describes what I look to achieve. A feeling that runs through out my entire being and soul- where nothing else matters but pure pleasure in sound.....

  • mistermustard

    Bass and treble are my minions. If Dolby was a carbon based life form, it would be me. I am an audio visionary which is present with my big audio attitude that requires constant audio adrenaline. My audio adrenaline gives me a fever and the only medicine is more audio intensity. Sound waves beg to enter my ears. I am audio legendary.

  • rleigh78

    Audio Intensity. Definitely.

  • deltasigbro

    I would think I am Audio Adrenaline, as I push the limits of my eardrums when I listen to music. My car vibrates so violently due to the extreme loudness that I believe my doors are overdue to fall off the hinges. It also gets me pumped up when I am out looking for babes.

  • jimmyg

    I am AUDIO LEGENDARY! When I watch movies or play games, I want to hear it as the director or game developer intended. I have always longed for a dolby system in my own home and hopefully that will come true soon. Everywhere I hear the sound and music I have been waiting for, i learn that Dolby is behind it... GENIUS!

  • bdoyle17

    definitely Audio Legendary. The sound is what gives you the setting.

  • gillitron

    There is absolutely no doubt that I am a combination of Audio Adrenaline and Audio Intensity. I have a neighbour that is separated from a 3 foot concrete firewall. If I don't get a call from him telling me to turn down my music, then it isn't loud enough to head-bang. I hope one day to be able to produce enough bass with an LG Blu-Ray player so I can tear that wall down, Cold War style.

  • msg24

    Definitely Audio Legendary. I love feeling like i'm in the middle of the movie, and being surrounded by the audio is the best way to experience any watching or listening experience.

  • sethr

    Audio Legendary - feeling that wall of sound, hurting almost. Klipsch maybe. rattles the cage with the low end, makes your ears swirl on the mids and highs. pisses off your neighbors.

  • bronwylila

    Audio Neophyte? But if i had a choice, I would totally be Audio Attitude!

  • andyacecandy

    I'm an Audio Legendary because I always envision myself at the concert or in the studio when I'm listening to my favorite artist

  • poophead

    I am Audio Visionary. I like to see my audio.

  • kaitilins

    definitely audio legendary. i want to feel like i'm right in the middle of everything.

  • notsosmiley

    Definitely Audio Legendary and Intensity. I love the feeling of actually being there, and nothing does it better than ultimate surround sound that rattles your bones.

  • zedsaid

    Audio Legendary. Definitely. I want the band/movie to be in the room with me. Filling my noggin with sweet sweet sounds of victory, or defeat, or rock 'n' roll.

  • simplesimon

    Watching a movie without sound like drinking n/a beer.....Whats the point? I cant say i have all the fancy equipment some of these people have because i simply cant afford it. my wife and kid comes first. however i would love to be able to watch movies at home the way the director and actors think they are supposed to be. bad sound can ruin a movie almost as much if not worse then bad acting. i love my music and i listen to every genre. of course i play each one at te volume and settings i think are apprpriate. louder isnt always better

  • soenage

    Audio Legendary - The best kind of entertainment is when you get the full experience. One sure way to achieve that is by sound and visuals. I want to be able to view a realistic picture with the sound quality to match, otherwise, what's the point? That's why most people spend $15 to see a movie at the theatres.

  • sas387

    Let's go for Audio Legendary and top it off with an Audio-Erotic Fixation.

  • deadendblvd

    Audio Legendary. I want to lose myself in the entertainment - feel like I'm there, and forget about reality.

  • charlieinco

    Definitely Audio Attitude. NOBODY has musical tastes as weird as mine.

  • deck360degree

    Audio Legendary - I like sound that makes me shake!! What is a good sound system for if it can't help you share the experience??

  • svaldez

    Audio Intensity...Nothing is better then when you feel the bass in your chest at a live show. Or when the sound is so intense that it gives you goose bumps. Quality sound makes all the difference in the world when enjoying a good movie.

  • hotrats1976

    I'm an Audio Legendary kind of a guy. I want the audio to reflect what the composer and sound engineers wanted.

  • jarsofun

    I would say I am Audio Intensity kind of guy. Ever since I saw the scene in Private Parts when Howard Stern gets that girl to O with the subwoofer, I've secretly dreamed of being able to achieve that with a girl on my couch during the launch scene of Apollo 13...sadly I have not been able to get a girl to watch Apollo 13 with me *sigh*

  • jcc1981

    Audio Legendary.... I would love to be as if I were a part of the movie. I want to be the center of it all, feel all the vibrations, explosions and voices!

  • transistors

    Audio Attitude, got to be sleek

  • timmy95448

    Audio Intensity. I like the small bones in my ear drums to be smashed to powder and driven into my skull by the sheer, overwhelming, awesome-ness of sound!

  • mayito8

    I love hearing every bit of detail in movies, music, and games. I also love listening to music loud.

  • ksurfiws

    I am an Audio Virgin - I have been deaf as a post since i was 3 years old. I don't know what the hell anything sounds like! A train could sound like a Bird. Britney Spears singing could sound like a Manatee eating a head of Lettuce. it is all the same to me. Nothing!!! LOL I enjoy the Bass though.

  • maynarddj

    I would say that I am an AUDIO ADRENALINE and also AUDIO VISIONARY. I work in radio, so my music has to be perfect, whenever I'm out, I fix the levels to my liking and people can notice the difference. I also went to school graduating with a degree where we were constantly playing with the audio to create background sound and noises. Sound is everything!

  • gamecokben

    Audio Legendary...straight to the source. Quality loss is not an option...if i don't feel like I'm hearing it when it was originally created, I'd rather not hear it at all! But also audio intensity...if the room isn't shaking, it's not loud enough!

  • shundi

    Audio Intensity- hands down- there's nothing better than being in the music.

  • scum

    Audio Adrenaline. I like it load and fast like Motorhead.

  • loa23

    definitely Audio Legendary

  • dliening

    Audio Legendary

  • thefiz

    Boom! goes the dynamite. With my current auditory set up I cannot achieve true auditory orgasm. I would very much like to kick it and enjoy a nice steady ear bleed. Crank "Heat" up to max power and show my neighbor that I'm the alpha male in this zoo. My roommate just bought his Fiance "diamond" earrings. Nothing would make me feel better than cracking them while blaring some bombastic beats. Why should I win? I have an average penis and a lazy eye. In addition... I absolutely hate Perez Hilton Best Regards, The Fiz

  • mdiprima

    Audio Intensity...I want to feel what I can't hear

  • skatajkid

    audio legendary – to make the visuals come to life

  • whileyouwereout

    Big time "Audio Intensity". We have two TVs at our house and my husband is constantly yelling at me to turn the sound down when we are in different rooms. I can't help it! I love to rent movies, turn those overhead lights down just right, have a glass of wine and feel like I am at the movie theater. It is a great substitution to blowing money at the theater, especially in today's economy. But you've got to have that sound loud and surround to truly enjoy the experience!

  • spanke5

    audio legendary, i want to be inside the audio.

  • ciscokid

    Audio Intensity: I am deaf.

  • rocketsgopewpew

    Audio Legendary - My life is terrible, so I like being transported to a dream world that is full of fantasy. Rad.

  • aggierunner

    What are you freaking kidding me? AUDIO LEGENDARY BABY! I'm just putting my media room together right now and NEED a Blu-Ray player. I like to make sure all of my components are the same so it would go along way towards me buying more of your products.. hint hint.

  • idothisforthefreestuff

    Audio Intensity: If you can't feel the sound then you can't escape as movies and tv shows take you away from reality. I need the audio to take me to another world to really take my imagination to new heights.

  • ithinkitwasjoe

    I'm a Audio Legendary and Audio Visionary - nothing does it for me except the purest sound coming from a movie/show/etc. Gotta be natural. Visionary b/c i love up'ng my game all the time.

  • borateen

    I'd have to say I'm Audio Intensity. I get INTO what I'm watching/listening to, and I like get the sound into me.

  • jukedyoass

    I'm a mix of Audio Adrenaline and Audio Intensity... I like my music to rock my bones, but my movies to push my limits... Home systems rock, as long as the walls aren't too thin :P

  • dannyindeed

    Audio Legendary. Doesn't matter how loud it is, if the sound setup doesn't support or enhance the experience of the story, it's just noise.

  • steves

    I'm all of them really, but to pick one, I'd go with Audio Adrenaline, because I push it to the limit.

  • gohokies

    I am Audio Lacking. I've got a wife that is 7 months pregnant that has been in and out of the hospital with kidney stones that are too large to pass. I've spent 2 weeks in the hospital for the past month. I have a 3 year old that is balls to the wall. I finally finished my downstairs (read mancave) and now with the medical bills mounting from my wife's surgeries I can no longer afford to actually put any decent audio/video equipment in it. A blu-ray player would kick ass, at least it's a start.

  • yolandagc

    Audio Legendary. Set me free!

  • gbochenek

    Audio Legendary- The best sound is sound that makes you feel like you are there.

  • mltbcash

    I am a Audio Intensity...I want my kids to run to the living room wondering why the house is shaking (it's from all the explosions happening in the movie). I want my dog to run in fear when he hears a cute little kitty roar while he is watching. I want the neighbors to come over and tell me that thier pictures were knocked off the walls by the music that was playing (my closest neighbors are 1/3 mile away)....I WANT INTENSITY!!

  • eviltikimonkey

    Audio Visionary-definitely:) sound should just happen it should completely surround you and make you part of the action

  • sirokai

    I am definitely an Audio Intensity. I turn the music up until my wife tells me to turn it down.

  • capnjck

    Audio Legendary. I want to be in the action and feel like what I'm hearing is happening in the room with me. I want to be transported.

  • hasse85

    I feel i am Audio Adrenaline. I live in a college atmosphere and we need audio equipment that can blow everyone away when we have a party while still sounding crisp and clean.

  • devilslefthand

    I could best be described as an Audio Visionary. I'm always looking for the perfect sound quality in anything I'm listening to. Whether it be movies, music or just watching television. I am constantly repositioning speakers or buying new headphones to get that perfect sound from the source to my ears. I have not yet jumped into the Blu-Ray market, and this could be a perfect opportunity to take high quality audio and video to the next level.

  • jacobmsantos

    I'd have to say i'm a combination of Audio Legendary and Audio Intensity. The position of the speakers in my theater room is crucial. I need to hear every sound float over from left to right and to rear and back again. I need too feel the bass! It's simply a must.

  • melissatokar

    I am Audio Intensity. I have to feel the sound. Like whispers from a ghost, or the boom from an explosion. Sound is everything.

  • Anthony

    Audio Intensity - I need to have an ear gasm when I listen to things. I want my house to shake as if a stampede of obese people were streaking through. I want access to the best.

  • lolasda


  • eserea


  • will0953

    Sound is crucial when it comes to "being" in the movie. Not only do I have a surround sound system but I have multi-hundred dollar cords connecting everything together, 7 massive speakers (used to maximize the blu-ray outputs) and an amplifier that when cranked up could blow out the windows of a 1200 sq ft. apartment. Performing constant updates/improvements with your system is a must when wanting to maximize the latest blu-ray titles. There is no such thing a pushing your audio to the limits.

  • pioliboo

    Audio Visionary and Audio Attitude - I also own a home entertainment system because I want to hear and feel the sound.