Jackson Rathbone Talks ‘Eclipse’ Flashbacks

Jackson Rathbone is having flashbacks, y’all—and he wants to share them with you!

The Twilight actor spilled to MTV about the flashback sequences revolving around his character, Civil War vet Jasper Hale, in the currently filming Twilight sequel Eclipse.

According to Rathbone, his back story will be filled in by a series of flashbacks—particularly of when he was “a bad dude, a bad vampire” who trained newborn bloodsuckers. And yes, we’ll be getting to see Jackson in full period dress:

“It was just really fantastic to get to delve in there and to get to don all the Civil War regalia and whatnot. That was a pleasure. I had to wear this wool suit of a major, cavalry major. I got the big hat and everything. Hop off the horse, bow to these ladies, and then I get eaten. And then I get turned!”

Rathbone adds that Hale’s back story will be filled in as Jasper reveals his past to Bella Swan, following a training sequence where he helps the Cullens prepare to do battle with the newborn vampire army that Victoria is building:

“It’s actually the first time Bella and Jasper interact that’s longer than one sentence, or me attacking her. Kristen [Stewart] and I kept saying it was really nice to get to work together because we had never had a chance to really, kind of, like, get into some dialogue.”

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