Kendra Wilkinson's Bikini Baby Bump

Kendra Wilkinson's Bikini Baby Bump-photo

Look out, world; Kendra Wilkinson is bumping it up big-time!

The former Girls Next Door girl—who's expecting a son with hubby Hank Baskett in December—threw on a bikini and flaunted her ever-expanding baby bump for the latest issue of In Touch. Shades of Demi Moore's infamous Vanity Fair cover!

Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section: Is this a good look for Kendra?



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  • Balboa

    Jordan, everyone does not have a preggers fetish like you do so please stop saying people are jealous or are feigning disgust.

  • Jordan

    "Is this a good look for Kendra?" Holy Crap! Heck yes this is a good look for her. She looks absolutly fantastic. Anyone who says differently is either jealous of her gorgeous body or just doesn't want to admit that a woman with a big belly can be hot. I am a guy, and I will say that she looks super attractive with her extra 40 lbs. and I can't wait to see how big she and her belly are gonna get! I hope she does another one of these before she has her baby, I am in awe of how good she looks pregnant. I know this is taboo to say this, but Kendra's pregnant body in that bikini turns me on!! You go girl!!!!!

  • brookesta

    she looks great!

  • LaFawnduh

    Seriously...Hollywood pregancies are like trainwrecks. Fascinating, horrifying, endless exploitation by the media. So - why shouldn't we be obsessed with celebrity baby fever? I'm just grateful that Kendra's gonna end up with the stretchmarks, instead of me.

  • aimes76

    Who gives a f*ck seriously?

  • suzyscorp

    I remember back in the 1980's, sometime, Tatum O'Neal was pregnant with her first child and she went on the beach with a tube top, exposing her ever-growing preggo belly.. This was the first, or at least one of the first celebs to do this! I remember back then, most pregnant women covered up! I know I did! lol.. Now-a-days, women are apprently charging around the beach and the town in a skimpy bikini, pregnant as an elephant with the belly protuding! I don't think I'd be like that if I were pregnant today...

  • allison

    Ujealousbitchs , u don't know anybody on here to be callin them haters or jealous. why the hell are you takin " time out of your life" to comment on other peoples comments that you don't agree with? nobody who commented before you ever said anything bad about kendra. so in the end, you comment was useless.

  • Ujealousbitchs

    She looks beautiful. And too all you that are hating soo much, If you don't care why did you even open it and read it.....and then too not care even more you wasted time out of your precious life and comment on it.

  • reena

    Really??? she's having a baby???? I would have never guessed.

  • allison

    disgusted, i couldn't have said it better.

  • retgert



    Truly, is this really NEWS WORTHY? There are so many Americans FIGHTING for us and yet, this takes over. WHY??? Does it change anyone's life style??? NO. Do news worthy articles. Guys and women DYING overseas so that we can all be safe. That is so more important than this nonsense. STOP IT ALREADY.

  • waropal


  • allison

    who cares! why is there sooo much hollywood baby hype. people react to this stuff as if women don't or can't get pregnant/have babies. this stuff is soo common and typical that its.boring.moving on....

  • mazora

    baby joy