Kim Kardashian Wants a Baby Too—By This Time Next Year!

Kim Kardashian Wants a Baby Too—By This Time Next Year!-photo

With one sister pregnant and another hitched to an NBA star, Kim Kardashian is quite naturally thinking about where her own life is headed. Surprise—her plans include producing an offspring of her own. And from the sounds of it, she's not going to hold off too long.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who recently reunited with New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush, says that she sees a l'il Kim in her very near future.

Kim dishes,

"I always had a vision I'd be married with one kid by the time I'm 30."

Given that Kardashian turns 29 today, it doesn't require a lot of math to figure out that she has exactly one year to fulfill her vision. And with that whole nine-month gestation period thing, she'd better hop to it.

Kim also reveals that, unlike sister Kourtney, she doesn't plan on doing any baby-making until she's walked down the aisle:

"I don't think that's for me, but you never know."

Sounds like Reggie might have a busy year in front of him.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Kim will be married with a child by this time next year?

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  • estrella

    I think you will be a grat mother good luck :)

  • fdesignercuttie

    i'm not to sure about that. UNLESS of course they play play in bed (; BUT, who knows, these girls are up for anything!

  • ashleygirl31

    more like.....HURRY UP REGGIE - RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! GET THE HELL OUT! Bimbo is tryin to tie you down! Go back with Carmen Ortega, she's better than pee pee face Kimmy! Let Kimmy get her baby, excuse me, ACCESSORY FROM SOME OTHER FOOL!

  • jamescarrera27

    Well i believe, some people "not the kardashians"have kids because they fill a need to be loved or give love~kinda like a pet, people have pets the same way~problem is after having them they lose the want, and begain to party and live a single life but cant! a child is much more importent then a pet~you can give a pet to a friend or leave your pet with a friend, and come back a week later.this dosent work that way with a child~have a pet first , a puppy that will give one an idea of the training it will take, and this is a pet, so sad how many kids are brought into this world~only to be left behind. baby's are beautiful and deserve lots of love and attention be ready when having one~my wishes are always with kim and her family:) her parents will help they have a lovely family i don't see a problem there happy birthday kimmie:) jamescarrera

  • Mf

    Hurry up Reggie, u re taking too damn long to put a ring on it. And i can see u like it.

  • Anna

    They make a GREAT couple and they will be married and possible a child next year! Kim & Reggie are a true couple!!

  • allison

    its so frightening that people just want to bring children into this world just for the sake of having them because they pictured it when they were younger, or they feel as though they are getting old. you don't just have children just to have them for dumb reasons as these. babies don't stay babies forever, and children don't stay children forever. they eventually grow up to be adults and i honestly think people forget this. if you don't mold them to be decent individuals, it could really take a detrimental toll or our society and the world. disgustingly enough babies/children in hollywood have become like a prop, the baby bump the newest and hottest accessories, and it seems as though once they are older they are suddenly inadequate. this is just sad an wrong. further, i truely believe that people are ichin to seem these to pro-create because oddly their fans seem to have some weird admiration for mixed or biracial babies. mixed genes does not equal beauty.

  • bbygirl

    not to rush things but if u have a girl like kim why on earth hasnt he popped the question!!!! reggie marry her soon u fool ur lucky man :)

  • polastersa