PHOTO GALLERY: Hilary Duff Takes a Dive

Hilary Duff is back on the small screen!

She was once-again spotted filming scenes for the made-for-TV film The Business of Falling in Love this afternoon in chilly Manhattan.

In the ABC film, which is based on Daniella Brodsky's book Diary of a Working Girl, Duff plays a fashion reporter working on an article about dating businessmen.

Today, she filmed many scenes, including a stunt scene where she fell onto some pads while looking up at the buildings. Check out the new pics here!



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  • sulvestyerrrr

    she looks like the thing of that advert were there high ^^

  • kr1sty

    is that a massive wedgie, or is the dress SUPPOSED to look like that?

  • fly

    awww i like Hilary Duff she's beautiful!!!i'm happy to see her again!!!

  • Amayia

    LOVE the shoes!

  • taramol

    films kadr photo