Kristen Stewart Thinks Robert Pattinson Kisses Funny

Apparently, kissing Robert Pattinson is a laughing matter.

An insider on the set of the currently filming Twilight sequel Eclipse has been spilling secrets to OK! Magazine, and one of the more amusing revelations is that, after filming their kissing scenes, Pattinson and his co-star Kristen Stewart burst into laughing fits.

The set insider says,

“Kristen’s the first to laugh, cracking up like a schoolgirl.”

After the laughter dies down, the co-stars and rumored real-life couple typically run off set to grab a cigarette, the insider adds.

In marked contrast to Robsten’s kiss-and-giggle routine, Eclipse star Taylor Lautner—who plays boy-wolf Jacob Black in the vampire flicks—approaches the task of lip-locking with K-Stew very seriously.

During a recently lensed Bella-Jacob kissing scene, the insider reveals,

“Taylor Lautner was way into it. He didn’t break character after director David Slade yelled, ‘Cut!’”

But really, who could blame him?

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