Lamar Plans To Introduce Khloe To His Kids Soon!

Lamar Plans To Introduce Khloe To His Kids Soon!-photo

So, is it finally time for Khloe Kardashian to meet her new husband Lamar Odom's children?

Looks like the day is getting near!

At Lamar's party for his Rich Soil clothing line at Kitson Men last night, he told E! that "of course" he plans to introduce Khloe to his children very soon.

But will the new couple be having any babies of their own? Lamar said,

"Maybe one day...hopefully!"

Lamar also dished that it was love at first sight when it came down to it.

"Well, it only took me 30 days...When you know, you know. It's beautiful, it's incredible."

We're rooting for them! Are you?



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  • lilly

    People just love to comment negatively, to make themselves better I guess. Good luck to you both!

  • melissascott


  • lynn

    he married her before she met his kids? this def isnt going to last long... That is exactly what I said, who marrys and doesn't want to get to know the mans kids first. This only means she will not be having them over to much.

  • Paula Ralston
    Paula Ralston

    Go Khole I think you should do what ever it is that makes you happy,and if getting married in a short period of time as it was for you makes you happy well good luck to the both of you .Everyone that wants to pick apart everything you do but who in the hell asked them any how.The two of you go enjoy your lives and as long as he takes good care of you that's all that matters right.

  • mz_sassy

    P3opl3 n33d 2 stop hatin on dis coupl3 if they fit leave them alone.............

  • theresa

    She was so vocal about how stupid her sisters were and look what she did...marry someone after knowing them for a month? Who cares if he is black or white............she is very hypocritical and does not understand what it is to be wise.....she should not comment on her sisters or brothers actions again! good luck

  • april

    he married her before she met his kids? this def isnt going to last long... i agreed

  • april

    Its funny how far someone will go to receive attention from the media. I like khloe but i think her getting married to odom after just one month is nothing but a pubilicity stunt and what type of man marries a woman and not even introduce her to his kids first and how could she marry someone without even meeting his kids first. Im not rooting for them i actually feel bad for them

  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    He needs to prepare his kids. Meeting Khloe cold could be unduly terrifying for them. "We done thought she was the sasquatch!"

  • allison

    you know what, that is some messed up stuff to do. what kind of decent father would ever do that to their children? i don't know if this is truly a publicity stunt or not, but i do know that bringing innocent children into drama such as this, is just straight up unethical and just plain wrong. why are children treated as secondary objects as if they are not the most important things in the lives of their parents? since when is it okay to hurt a child so that you may live you live the way one want to. INJUSTICE!

  • Christina

    This is so obviously a publicity stunt. It's not even funny how clear it is. Not only do they get married after knowing each other only a few weeks, but he doesn't even introduce her to his kids? What the hell? That'll be beyond awkward... "Hey kids! Meet your new stepmom!". WTF. And of course I'm not rooting for them. They're a fake couple doing this for publicity.

  • Gwyn

    he married her before she met his kids? this def isnt going to last long...