Lily Allen Has Quit Twitter!

Looks like we have another Twitter quitter on our hands!

Miley Cyrus isn’t the only brunette singer saying sayonara to the popular social networking site.

The Daily Mirror reports the not only has Lily Allen quit Twitter, she’s also done with MySpace and email. Not only that, she’s also rumored to have ditched her computer, Macbook and BlackBerry to avoid temptation.

According to friends, she’s only using an old mobile phone and house line to communicate.

“We thought she was joking, but it’s been a month since she last Twittered. Before then you could always get a response from her straight away. No matter what time of day or where she was, she’d be glued to her BlackBerry. Now you have to leave a message on her home answer phone.”

The friend adds,

“She does have a clapped out old mobile phone, but you’re lucky to get her on that because she keeps leaving it when she goes out. She was so obsessed with the next new thing that it has shocked everyone. It’s like she’s back in the 80s.”

With Miley and Lily both gone, who do you predict will be the next pop star to leave Twitter?

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