PHOTO GALLERY: Holly Madison Goes 'In-N-Out'

Mmm, yummy—and the burger looks pretty good, too!

Former Girls Next Door girl Holly Madison decided to fuel up at an IN-N-OUT in Los Angeles on Thursday night, chowing down with gusto as she stuffed her face full of cow flesh.

Oh, and she was also picked up by a couple of shirtless guys in the parking lot. All in a night's work, we suppose...

Click through the photo gallery to see Holly Madison caught with the meat in her mouth.



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  • Sal

    I saw Holly Madison in Peepshow last week. What a disappointment she was. The show was excellent but Holly Madison has no talent and no sex appeal. It takes more then fake breast to arouse me and Holly Madison just doesn't have it. I don’t see why they extended her contract. I bet Heffner has his hand in that. Holly Madison is nothing more than a blow up doll that doesn't know how to move well.

  • dracomalfoylikesboys

    how many hours in the gym is one burger for a girl like holly...

  • sexii

    holly madison is hot and sexy.

  • lolabigs

    Bon Appetit)

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I would like to go 'In-n-Out' with Holly Madison.