Jon Gosselin Finally Gives the Money Back

Jon Gosselin Finally Gives the Money Back-photo

Jon Gosselin, actually fulfilling his obligations? Shocker!

People magazine reports that the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 man-child has replaced the $180,000 he siphoned on the sly from a joint bank account he shares with estranged wife Kate Gosselin. Sure, it took a court order to get him to do it, but hey—baby steps...

Of course, there was also some drama involved in the payback. With Jon now in full compliance of the court order, his attorney, Mark Heller, took the opportunity to fire a shot at Kate, claiming that Kate must now pay up in order to keep herself on the right side of the law. (Ma Gosselin has been ordered to account for about $55,000 she has withdrawn from the account, purportedly to cover household expenes.)

Heller declared on Friday:

"Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday."

What's that old saying? Something about glass houses and stones? Or maybe it's the one about the pot and the kettle...



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  • jeffvond

    All you love-sick ladies and your "poor Jon" routine. Would you lend him any money?? And would he be faithfull to you?? And while he's been "standing up to Kate", hasn't he proven to be a thoughtless, idiot of a man. Seems he needs to be bullied around because he can't make correct decisions for himself.

  • Linda

    The only thing that Kate wants; and she will drag Jon through hell to get it; ; get those cash cows back filming. Kate is useless without those kids.

  • SmokeYour

    yes, jon sucks, and i don't know what kate ever saw in him, that nasty g00pish g00k!

  • Ericka

    On people online, Jon has only retruned a little over $28k. he still owes $151k. And Kate has complied w/the courts and provided all her receipts. So if he doesn't have it all returned by Monday, he'll be in contempt. For the kids' sake, I hope he returns it all. What a stupid greedy little jerk.

  • maria loi
    maria loi

    All along, Jon had allowed Kate to bully him. Now, he is standing up to be equal to Kate. Kate should account for what she took from the joint account.

  • Betts

    Jon and his greasy lawyer never miss an oppertunity to slam Kate. What happened to the judges request to keep it private?

  • lara

    Who did Jon steal the money from to pay it back? What a tool his lawyer is, yuck. Could he be any more slimy?