Lindsay Lohan Fights for Her Right to Party

Lindsay Lohan, desperately begging to get into a nightclub?

Yes, we know; it sounds improbable. But according to the New York Post, it’s totally true!

According to the paper, LiLo was 86ed from New York watering hole Avenue earlier this year after tweeting about Justin Timberlake supposedly dancing there with a girl who was not his girlfriend Jessica Biel (Lohan claimed that her Twitter account had been hacked).

Well, Lohan would not let that aggression stand, so she went into action, according to a source:

“She besieged the management with calls and e-mails to let her back in, and she promised to be on her best behavior.”

Linds’ campaign worked, and since the ban was lifted she’s already been back to the club twice this week.

Congrats, Lindsay! But, uh, with your current situation, aren’t there really better things for you to do than lobby to get into nightclubs?