Rihanna’s Producer Says “Rated R” Is Going to Be “So Great”

Felt a little underwhelmed by Rihanna’s latest single, “Russian Roulette”?

Well, don’t worry, because Chuck Harmony—who co-produced the track with Ne-Yo—says that her upcoming album, Rated R, is going to be a big ol’ bucket of awesome.

Harmony tells MTV that, although “Russian Roulette” “fits in well” with the rest of the album, the collection as a whole will present a broader spectrum, reflecting the “Disturbia” singer’s past as well as showcasing her artistic evolution.

Says Harmony,

“I think Rihanna has captured what her old fans are used to, as well as the growth of an artist. ‘Russian Roulette,’ to me, is a shining example of her growth and her artistic expression. ‘Russian Roulette’ is definitely taking her to another level. I think she’s a pop icon, so her music should reflect that.”

Even so, he adds, he was surprised that “Russian Roulette” was picked as the lead-off single:

“I was actually shocked I got the first single ’cause the album is so great.”

Of course, he might be just a little bit biased…

Let us know in the comments section: Are you eager to hear what Rihanna has in store for the world with Rated R?

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