Balloon Boy’s Mother Admits to Hoax!

It looks like Balloon Boy’s mother has admitted what everyone has suspected all along: That the October 15 panic over six-year-old Falcon Heene was a staged publicity stunt.

Mayumi and Richard Heene garnered worldwide attention when they claimed that Falcon was trapped in a 20-foot Mylar balloon that had been inadvertently released and was flying high above Colorado. (The boy was eventually found in the attic of the family’s garage.)

But now People magazine reports that Mayumi has admitted in an affidavit sworn out by sheriff’s investigator Robert Heffernan that they knew all along that Falcon was not aboard the balloon, and that the balloon’s release was a staged event to make the Heenes “more marketable for future media interest.” (The family had previously been on an episode of the reality series Wife Swap, and Richard had reportedly been cooking up schemes for future reality shows.)

Mayumi further admitted that “she and Richard had instructed their three children to lie to authorities as well as the media regarding this hoax.”

Denver defense attorney Scott Robinson—who’s not involved with the case—says that Mayumi’s confession is not likely to affect any possible case brought against her husband:

“If Mayumi’s confession was lawfully obtained, it is conclusive evidence against her, but it cannot be used against him, nor can she testify against him without his consent.”

Robinson also adds that Richard Heene’s legal fate is still “up in the air.”

Very funny, buddy. Very funny.

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