Jon Gosselin Still Hasn't Paid Up

Jon Gosselin Still Hasn't Paid Up-photo

Hey, you know how Jon Gosselin claimed that he'd paid back all of the money that he secretly withdrew from the joint bank account that he shares with estranged wife Kate Gosselin, after being ordered to do so by a judge?

Well, not so fast on that.

According to Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has only returned $28,500 of the $180,000 he was ordered to give back. Which leaves him with, oh, about $151,500 to go if he wants to avoid a contempt-of-court charge.

Momjian tells Us Magazine,

"The only proof of money we received is $28,500 that was sent over a week ago. The only thing we're looking for is the difference, which is about $151,500. We have not yet received confirmation of that."

Maybe the check got lost in the mail?

Momjian vows that, if the rest of the cash isn't deposited by Monday, "We'll be in court." 

Better start checking the couch cushions for spare change, Jon...



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  • dqwrwqesdf
  • jeffvond

    No, he has "Douche Syndrome"...

  • mk

    I read somewhere that he has Downs Syndrone, is it true?

  • what?

    Why does he want to show us his fat belly?

  • Jon DumDum
    Jon DumDum

    He's only 32. Jelly Belly, balding, and dressing like a bum. He's a white trash poster boy. * Jon you need to ditch the Heller's. Why is MJ Heller talking to the press? He is not even allowed to represent you in your divorce.

  • Willard

    he's not aging too well is he? if he looks this bad now just wait until he's middle aged...yikes!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I want to rub his belly for good luck. And sexual gratification.

  • jeffvond

    He's SEXY!! Maybe become a stripper, Jon??