Alexander Skarsgard Likes 'Em Smart and Funny

Alexander Skarsgard Likes 'Em Smart and Funny-photo

Wanna worm your way into Alexander Skarsgard's heart? Better hit the books—and it wouldn't hurt to learn a few jokes.

The True Blood hunk tells People magazine that he likes a girl with really big....brains, and an ample sense of humor to match.

Says the Swedish heartthrob,

"A sense of humor is number one for sure. Being funny and smart is very important."

Here's another tip: He doesn't mind random female fans approaching him:

"I've gotten proposals and suggestions that are slightly inappropriate. It's odd but very flattering!...It's very flattering. I turn a little pink!"

Uh...alright, then!

Let us know in the comments section: What suggestion would you make to Alexander Skarsgard if you bumped into him on the street?



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  • godess

    Alexander, you left out tall! You must be sick of all the petite, size double zeros you've been "seen" with lately. Bet you'd like a girl you can really wrap your "sense of humor" around for a change? Yeah, I knew it...

  • nerd

    I agree with you @byogi!!! He is so full of himself and such a liar. That totally counts out ERW and KB.

  • byogi

    Smart and funny? Of course we are. As long as she's taller than 5'6, a size 0 and an actress.

  • kk

    This guy is in the sun too much with no sunscreen ... looking OLD and used up .. the skin is really bad... i have no idea why some of you guys find him attractive...

  • Jen

    He is such an awesome combination of ridiculously sexy and boyishly cute. He tortures me.

  • Anita Blake
    Anita Blake

    I can do smart and funny....

  • innocent

    Smart and funny? That counts ERW and Bosworth out, then. LMAO :D:D:D:D:

  • elisilla

    i'm smart and very funny :p

  • pootie tang
    pootie tang

    Alex, marry me baby!

  • sofia

    oh skarsgarddddd

  • mayo

    Smart and funny? That counts ERW and Bosworth out, then. :-D

  • Lauren

    Smart and funny? That counts ERW and Bosworth out, then.