Robert Pattinson Admits to Copping James Dean’s Style

If you’ve ever had the feeling that Robert Pattinson’s sex appeal seems a little familiar, there’s a reason.

The Twilight heartthrob admits in the latest issue of USA Weekend that he drew more than a little inspiration from tragic cinema icon James Dean—who perished in a car crash at the height of his fame at the age of 24—in crafting his image for the vampire franchise.

Recalling how he researched outcast roles while preparing to play Edward Cullen, Pattinson says, 

Rebel Without a Cause was a big influence on the first [Twilight film]—it influenced the hairdo and stuff. In lots of ways, it has a very similar character arc: An everyday girl brings this relatively strange individual out of his slump.”

Pattinson also admits that he was ill-prepared for the onslaught of female attention he’s received since adopting the Edward Cullen character:

“I’m not entirely sure what it is. I’ll probably realize afterward how I could have controlled it a little bit more. But I am still like a deer in headlights.”

As far as problems go, it’s not a bad one to have.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Robert Pattinson will eventually achieve the iconic status of James Dean?