Lindsay Lohan Dropped By Label, Works For Free

It really hasn’t been a good month for Lindsay Lohan.

With her dad spreading some pretty nasty rumors about her drug abuse and her French fashion line getting some pretty crappy reviews, the latest news isn’t going to put a smile on her face either.

It has just been revealed that LiLo has  been dropped by Casablanca Records, the company with which she was planning to release her second studio album.

Not only that, the NY Post is reporting that Lindsay didn’t even get paid for her fashion gig for Ungaro. Lindsay threw down her own money for her hotel and flight to Paris for her recent appearance for Ungaro’s Paris Fashion Week show!

But it wasn’t all a waste—she reportedly left Paris with $100,000 worth of Ungaro clothes.

There seems to be only one option left for Linds: reality TV.

“She was being followed by a camera crew wherever she went,” a witness claimed. “We saw them filming her at the Vogue party and a bunch of other clubs around Paris.”

Would you watch a Lindsay Lohan reality show?