VIDEO: Paris Hilton Wants a Hello Kitty Car

What do you get the girl who really, really, pretty much seems to have everything?

If it’s Paris Hilton you’re talking about, we have the purr-fect suggestion.

Celebuzz caught up with the celebutante at the Hello Kitty 35th birthday bash in Culver City, California, and hit her with the question that’s been on everyone’s minds: What product would she like to see Hello Kitty roll out next?

Paris replied,

“It would be cute to have a Hello Kitty car. That would be awesome—a pink car with Hello Kitty emblems on the front and the wheels and definitely the steering wheel. That would be awesome—I’d drive it around.”

Detroit, are you listening? This could be the product to single-handedly revive the auto industry.

Check out our photo gallery to see Paris, Miranda Cosgrove, Kimora Lee, Audrey Kitching and other Hello Kitty enthusiasts help the company celebrate its big day.