Eclipse’s Julia Jones Talks Leah Clearwater Role

Julia Jones might not be a household name yet, but that’s about to change. At least among the households in Twi-hard Nation. 

Former ER actress Jones just wrapped up filming the Twilight sequel Eclipse, in which she plays La Push werewolf Leah Clearwater, and the Boston native recently sat down with LimeLife to discuss the character and what she’s bringing to it.

On the nature of the Leah Clearwater character:

“First of all she’s the only werewolf who’s a female, which is in itself a very cool thing, but she has this complicated backstory where she is heartbroken because the head of the pack Sam Uley left her for her best friend and her cousin. So in addition to that she’s dealing with all the changes that you have in your body when you become a wolf, and as a girl there’s really nobody who knows what’s happening to her—she’s really alone and out there and heartbroken at the same time. And it makes her very angry and mean, and really she’s just in a lot of pain and she doesn’t know how to ask for help so she lashes out.”

On how she relates to Leah Clearwater:

“The heartbreak [that Leah experiences] is a very universal emotion and most of us have felt that – I have. So that was clearly part of it. But also just being so caught up in what’s going on in your world emotionally that you can’t connect to the outside world, that’s something that’s a hard thing. Anytime you go through something dark and painful, it makes you want to just withdraw from the world, except you can’t. I explored what that’s like a lot when I was preparing.”

See, people? That’s called suffering for your art.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Julia is taking the right approach to playing Leah Clearwater?