Kristin Cavallari: “Don’t Blame Me For Low Ratings!”

Is having drama queen Kristin Cavallari on this season of The Hills doing anything for ratings? Not really.

Last night, Cavallari told E! that the MTV show “is the No. 1 show and we are doing really well.” However, the show’s ratings are down by an average of more than 30 percent overall this season.

When asked about the lower ratings, Kristin insisted:

“No, they are not! We had one drop because of the Hip Hop awards on VH1, but then they went up the next week.”

Many critics are blaming Kristin, who replaced Lauren Conrad, for turning people off from the reality show. However, the Laguna Beach alum says that’s, like, totally unfair:

“At the end of the day it’s not up to me to make a great TV show,” she told us. “It’s the whole crew, the whole cast. It’s not just on me. I think to put all that pressure on me is pretty unfair.”

Do you like The Hills better with or without Kristin?