Rob Pattinson Gets Stitched!

Rob Pattinson Gets Stitched!-photo

Not afraid to show your unwavering devotion to Robert Pattinson? Boy, do we have something for you!

Check out this new cross-stick pattern of RPattz, made just for New Moon fans! Nothing says that you're his #1 fan like sewing a replica of his face! Right?

Head over here for directions on the basics to creating your own Rob!



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  • sydsouth

    * i jut wasted my time..just letting you guys know!! anyways...this "thing" isn't the most random,,and stupid 'thing" i have ever seen!!!* =}

  • HP

    That's really creey

  • lahe27

    ok........ weird.

  • obsessed

    nottt creepyy at all...........