VIDEO: Balloon Dad Gives His Infant Son a Cigar and a Beer

VIDEO: Balloon Dad Gives His Infant Son a Cigar and a Beer-photo

Richard Heene better clear some space on his shelf for that Father of the Year award.

The prank-happy publicity hound—who earlier this month made headlines by claiming that his six-year-old son, Falcon Heene, had been caught up in a balloon high above Colorado—apparently has a history of exploiting his kids for a little attention.

Check out this video obtained by TMZ, of Heene forcing a cigar into his then-infant son Bradford's mouth and posing him with a beer bottle—which Bradford proceeds to put to his lips—for the benefit of the camera.

Aww; aren't babies cute when they're sucking down the suds and stuffing tobacco leaves in their mouths?

Note Heene's wife, Mayumi, telling Richard "No!" in the background—to no avail.

Let us know in the comments section: What's more offensive, the Balloon Boy hoax or this little stunt?



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  • evenstar

    I agree... stop giving this moron what he wants. By the way... who had their hands near the baby's feet and bottom? Wasn't that mom? I didn't have sound turned on so...

  • Hontas Aisha Farmer
    Hontas Aisha Farmer

    Oh for pete's sake you all make it sound like the cigar was lit, or there was actual beer being forced on the kid. Like he was being given a beer bong or something. On tv one of your people called the baby talk "gross". The baby talk is likely the most normal part of the video. Everyone who has a baby does that at some point. One more thing, This officially means you can't complain about how horrible they are for putting their kids on TV, when you have put this out. Well you can but you would be hypocrites if you did.

  • guest

    oy tmz. how was this video obtained?

  • Joe

    The article says the boy is named Brandon, but in the video, the father is clearly calling him Bradford.