VIDEO: Chris Brown's "I Can Transform Ya"

VIDEO: Chris Brown's

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for: Chris Brown's new video has been released!

The clip for "I Can Transform Ya"—the lead single from Brown's upcoming album Graffiti—debuted today, featuring Swizz Beatz and firearms enthusiast Lil Wayne.

The theme appears to be transformation of some sort.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section!



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  • Aisha

    I love this video Chris Brown is the best ... People can go ahead and start hating but they kno it's true!!!

  • Kele

    Love it And Chris Breezy is Back yall

  • side Chris
    side Chris

    I like it!!!!!I missed Chris Brown happy to see he's moving on with his life after the first ( big mistake )he made,i'm sure he very sorry and will learn from it ,with the support and love from fans and family he can be a good guy.I hate when people say (once a women beater always a women beater)well thats not true people change and i know Chris Brown is one of those people who can change for the better!so with that said,Love you Chris, keep up the good work, control your temp:) and don't listen to hater's who dont know crap about what's good and what's bad!!You know who you are and your good!!!! Love you !!!!!!

  • Huh

    Very cool video, the song has energy and it clearly a good track (for music these days)- he clearly has talent and this deserves to be a hit. People should focus on the art like Hollywood does look at Woody Allen or Roman Polanski...

  • liz

    the song would of been hawt!!! IF swizz beatz wasnt on it he KILLED the song love lil wayne n chris


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