Jon Gosselin: Smoking Pot Around His Tots?

Jon Gosselin, partaking in illegal drugs while his children are in the vicinity?

We know; we’re shocked too. But according to Gosselin’s former nanny and rumored ex-fling Stephanie Santoro, it is true.

Santoro recently spilled all sorts of dirt on Jon to Inside Edition, including the allegation that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad liked to toke up at the house while his expansive brood innocently slumbered, unaware that their father was indulging in the demon reefer.

Says Santoro,

“He said they were in bed and that he was out back smoking when we got there…It was just Jon there that night with the kids…[Jon said], ‘That wore off quick—but it was just seeds…My good stuff is in New York.’”

The former kid-watcher also reasserted her earlier claim that Jon had electronically snooped through Kate’s personal records, including e-mails and texts: 

“He worked at security in IT. He knows how to do it. He bragged about knowing how to do it.”

Hmm; perhaps that’s how he also managed to wipe out the couple’s joint bank account undetected?

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