Lindsay Lohan: Heading to India?

Lindsay Lohan: Heading to India?-photo

Well, she's already pretty much made a mess of things here in her homeland, so Lindsay Lohan might as well try her luck on another continent.

The Just My Luck star and tabloid fixture told Extra at Monday night's Rock the Kasbah event in Los Angeles that she's planning to take a trip to India in the coming weeks.

Says Lindsay,

"I'm going to India soon, before Thanksgiving, we're hoping to go, and I'm doing a documentary for the BBC Network."

Right. Because what better expert could there be for a documentary on India than Lindsay Lohan? Right?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Lindsay will really go to India?



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  • ChadK

    She can't get better, if the media keeps coming up with ways to bring her down. It's unfortunate, how the media works today. This would have never been done to an actor or actress 40-50 yeas ago. Why should today be any different? Keep on keepin on, Lindsay. You're still far more beautiful than most could ever be.

  • Roffles

    What til she realizes that when she's caught with drugs in another country it's not as easy to get off as it is in the US. I can only hope they televise the caneing.

  • max

    She's 23 trying to find her way. Let her be and look at your own life before judging hers. Good luck Lindsay!

  • Kissmequickly

    to what? be an ***hole somewhere else? excellent

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Hopefully no one mistakes her for a corpse and tries to float her down the Ganges River.

  • Tiffany Peterson
    Tiffany Peterson

    Well i think the people need to leave her alome and let her better herself herself. I think she is beatiuful and i will love to meet her and give her a hug and tell her she is gion to be alright. Linsay stay strong baby and of you need anyone to talk to let me know i am n your corner 100% percent.


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