PHOTO GALLERY: Jessica Simpson is Hot for Henna

Whats that you've got there, Jessica Simpson?

The busty singer sported an intricate Henna tattoo on her hand as she arrived at LAX Airport yesterday, along with dad Joe Simpson and her best friend/hairdresser Ken Paves.

Jess was returning from a trip to Mumbai, India where she was filming her new reality TV show, The Price Of Beauty

Zoom in on Jessica's artwork in our gallery!



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  • tattoosmakeme vomit
    tattoosmakeme vomit

    How f*cking disgusting. When will this tattoo bullsh*t become passe and people will stop this senselessness. I think that any woman willing to have her body desecrated like this should have to give her right to not be raped. This chick can stand a few hundred thousand needles in her body but not 1 penis. Bullsh*t. Men who do this should just be shot.

  • neesh

    ummm Celebuzz it's call mehndi in India, not henna.