Steamy True Blood Season 3 Deets!

We can’t wait for True Blood to be back on our TV screens!

But for now, we’ll settle with some new juice on the upcoming third season.

True Blood producer Alan Ball recently shared some details with The Advocate about the interesting same-sex relationships that will definitely be happening!

Were the gay metaphors something you envisioned immediately as you read the books?

Alan Ball: All that is in the books. Also, there are a lot of gay characters in the books as you get further and further into them. We’ll be introducing some of those gay characters this new season.

What other gay characters will be introduced in season 3?

We’ll be meeting the vampire king of Mississippi and his long, long-term companion — and by long-term I mean really long-term — Talbot. I think Lafayette may meet a love interest, and certainly Pam, who works with Eric, she’s certainly got a lesbian vibe — I don’t know that that’s all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women.

What do you think it is about the vampire genre that’s so appealing to LGBT fans?

I think it’s certainly not a huge step for LGBT people to identify with any group of characters that are, as a group, outsiders, that mainstream society feels threatened by; that are fabulous and powerful and sexy and all of that stuff.

Lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne is romantically linked to Sookie’s cousin, Hadley. Is there a possibility that the queen will also fall for Sookie?

I think Sophie-Anne is definitely interested in Sookie; I don’t believe it’s for sexual or romantic reasons but she is definitely interested in Sookie and whatever it is about Sookie that is special beyond the realm of what is human, and that’s something that we definitely will learn more about in the upcoming season.

Denis O’Hare has just been cast as a regular for season 3. His character Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, is gay in the books, so is this something we can expect to see in season 3?

I think the kings and queens of the various states are aware of each other, and yes, he definitely knows who she is. Whether or not they end up in a scene together I can’t really say; it depends on actors’ availability and scheduling and those kinds of things. But they definitely are aware of each other.

Are you excited for the upcoming season?

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