Lady GaGa's 'Fame Monster' Promo Photo

Lady GaGa's 'Fame Monster' Promo Photo-photo

Does Lady GaGa know how to sell an album, or what?

Check out this promo pic for the Pantsless One's upcoming album The Fame Monster, in which she doffs her top in the name of publicity.

Of course, this isn't an entirely new tactic for the "Poker Face" singer, but still, the effort is appreciated.

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  • saber

    this is wonderful topic .. i read it 3 times and get a fantastic feel and sure i put a copy of this topic on my sites here

  • sir andrew
    sir andrew

    f*ck ya'll stop hating on gaga and go eat a dick!!!!

  • kaye

    gaga DOES have talent...that girl CAN sing, play and write...she's just...doing a grace jones/madonna/ short, she's trying to sell records and make money....which...she IS doing. lol.

  • I'll be darned....
    I'll be darned....

    I saw a Halloween wig of her hair and thought to myself "Wayne's World happened years ago, why are they now selling Garth Algard's hair for a Halloween costume?" But silly me, people are dressing like this goon. I don't understand why she's liked/famous. Obviously she doesn't have talent and she knows it, the only way she can sell an album is by being naked on the cover.


    Lady Gaga is kind of like that kid in high school that dyes their hair with manic panic and wears weird clothes and is so desperate for attention they end up sitting alone.