Nick Jonas' Side Project: New Details

Nick Jonas' Side Project: New Details-photo

By now, diehard Jonas Brothers fans realize that Nick Jonas is spreading his wings and taking on a side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration.

And now, details are beginning to leak out about the latest step in NJ's musical evolution.

Popstar Online tracked down the JoBros' dad, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., and asked for some dirt, which Papa Jonas quickly proceeded to dish.

According to the elder Jonas, Nick will be retooling a chestnut from the Jonas Brothers catalog for the project:

"Nick recorded a new version of the JB song 'Tonight' with The Administration. It's really wonderful. Can't wait for you to hear the record. We're beyond excited about this side project!"

You're not the only one!

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think Nick should focus on his own songs, or to reworking Jonas Brothers songs with his new project?



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  • nini85

    We'll see if Nick has a new sound :) Follow our blog at WWW.IMFRENZY.COM where we keep up with the latest JONAS BROTHERS news! Create a profile, and get 5 friends to create a profile on WWW.IMFRENZY.COM and we will send you a free tshirt!

  • daleeah

    i'm so happy for nick ,even thouhg he's doing a solo progect nick will always be a jonas brother there not breaking up so it's all good

  • Erika

    awww! can't wait to buy it i just adore him i don't think they'll break up i hope joe and kev are also doing something productive because nick is doing so much and hes is the most talented one of the band so if he ever decides to go solo he could end up a big hit but i'd rather they stay together that way all of us fans won't be upset and the fans won't be broken up either for staying on their favorite brother's side

  • April

    Really as long as the band doesnt break up im ok....

  • jen

    As long as the band doesn't break up I'm happy

  • bubbleazure

    i just love him... cant wait to hear...

  • germanxxannie

    nick jonas and the administration? there you can see that he loves elvis costello & the attractions... can't wait for his solo cd! hope the other 2 will have their one cds, too

  • gina

    i bet miley cyrus helped him with this album her family is big in nashville

  • jakeefron

    so is he really going to solo?