Outrage Grows Over Noah Cyrus’ Scandalous Outfit

By now, you’ve probably seen the “costume” that Noah Cyrus wore this past weekend to an event in Los Angeles.

The super-sexy outfit that the 9-year-old sister of teen star Miley Cyrus sported is still causing quite the stir on the Internet.

While one Australian newspaper pointed out that the dress and boot combination resembled adult dominatrix costumes for sale online, Rightcelebrity stated the obvious: that the costume is “way too sexy for a 9-year old!”

“Trick … or treat? Pretty much both, at least for pedophiles,” states the Toronto Star.

E Online writes,

“We’re forced to question [parents] Billy Ray and Tish’s judgment. Obviously, these costumes are going to cause a stir, and the Cyrus family knows the Internet really can be a mean place—just look at all the scrutiny Miley deals with on an almost daily basis. So it seems odd they would willingly subject a 9-year-old to such criticism.”

Let us know in the comment section: What were Billy Ray and Tish thinking?

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