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  • ChampagneWishes

    Who what thought that Mrs. Kendra would have gotten married and have a baby after The "girls Next Door" show. What an unselfish person you must be to give that all up for love and motherhood, I'm glad you made the right choice by choosing marriage and family, that's what's most important, Good Luck and God Bless your marriage and child.

  • ree libby
    ree libby

    Kendra good luck with your new baby I think you will make a great mom your great and hope your show is going well i used to watch it all the time but we had cable shut off because of rough times but i catch every little bit of info on the show i can

  • Michelle

    Kendra! i love you! I watch your show all the time and i have saw all the girls next door!! you are going to be an amazing mom!!!!! xxxx

  • tomadan