Taylor Swift Has Unfortunate Taste in Party Companions

A photo surfaced today of Fearless singer Taylor Swift whooping it up at Katy Perry’s 25th birthday party on Saturday night, being embraced by a guy wearing a shirt adorned with a swastika.

Serious party foul, dude.

It’s not known whether Swift was aware of the marking when the photo was taken, but the wearer of the tasteless shirt, A.J. English, has reached out to TMZ in an effort to deflect criticism from the songbird.

According to English, a 20-year-old model, he wasn’t acquainted with Swift prior to the birthday bash, and he meant no ill will with the shirt—he claims that the swastika started out as an “X,” but then got “perverted” during the course of the party.

That seems like just about the right word.

English further adds that he’s “not a racist” or a Nazi supporter.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you buy English’s excuse?

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