Taylor Swift Has Unfortunate Taste in Party Companions

Taylor Swift Has Unfortunate Taste in Party Companions-photo

A photo surfaced today of Fearless singer Taylor Swift whooping it up at Katy Perry's 25th birthday party on Saturday night, being embraced by a guy wearing a shirt adorned with a swastika.

Serious party foul, dude.

It's not known whether Swift was aware of the marking when the photo was taken, but the wearer of the tasteless shirt, A.J. English, has reached out to TMZ in an effort to deflect criticism from the songbird.

According to English, a 20-year-old model, he wasn't acquainted with Swift prior to the birthday bash, and he meant no ill will with the shirt—he claims that the swastika started out as an "X," but then got "perverted" during the course of the party.

That seems like just about the right word.

English further adds that he's "not a racist" or a Nazi supporter.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you buy English's excuse?



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  • Jezy

    [quote=What Tha?!]What does JH stand for? Jennifer Hough, her friend. JH also attended the party, and Taylor painted "TS" on her shirt. It's was for fun

  • jezy

    i love how they say racist and being jewish isnt a race, its a religion. the correct word for him would be antisemetic. not really, modern day nazi's hate just about anyone who isnt white AND protestant .that includes a lot of races.

  • wtf

    JH=Jew Hater

  • What Tha?!
    What Tha?!

    What does JH stand for?

  • Monique:)

    ps. i do NOT think he should have done that it is very racist and disgusting to say the very least!

  • Monique:)

    i love taylor swift shes amazing leave her alone stop looking for something to report on her about you obviously have nothing else to write about....

  • hi

    i love how they say racist and being jewish isnt a race, its a religion. the correct word for him would be antisemetic.

  • Andrea

    They are stupid. They are trying this hard to start a scandal for Taylor. It's just sad. She can't tell this guy twhat to wear. People can wear what they want. Who cares this fan or whoever he is just was a picture with her.

  • lala lady
    lala lady

    dude should have just said he wanted the buddhist symbol but got it backwards by accident

  • megan's my babe
    megan's my babe

    everybody's so sensitive these days- good grief!

  • jake

    i'm sure no one has forgotten the holocaust, and i don't really care about swastikas, but that guy should get beaten severely just for thinking he's cool.

  • Jewish

    america is becoming nazis...too bad. DO NOT forget the HOLOCAST!!! i liked taylor's songs...im not gonna listen to them anymore...

  • katie

    taylor swift rocks. this guy is just an idiot.

  • carrie

    leave the girl alone. she's not responsible for what some moron allowed to be painted on his shirt. she's done nothing morally reprehensible so why don't the vultures go fly back to where they came from. over it.