VIDEO: Hailey Glassman Breaks Down On 'The Insider'

VIDEO: Hailey Glassman Breaks Down On 'The Insider'-photo

Hailey Glassman is hurt, people!

The girlfriend (or ex?) of Jon Gosselin isn't stopping at telling her sob story to magazines. She appears on a new edition of The Insider tonight and can't control her emotions when talking about the reality TV dad.

Check out the sneak peek below, and share your thoughts in the comment section!




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  • Bonnie

    What the hell is wrong with this little girl? Don't she get it YET? I guess that she needs to be hit by a Mack Truck! She stated that she had never watched the Jon & Kate shows, well she needed to. She would get to see how cold Jon "always" was to Kate and the children. She would be seeing her own life coming up if she stayed with Jon. This guy is all about himself! He is a cheat, he can not tell the truth he "really" does not care about his children (only the twins) ~ he blames the other 6 children for messing up his life. All you have to do is just listen to this sick bastard! Kate could always see what he really was about, she just didn't want to accept it. Jon, you better get your ass back home to Kate because at the end of the day, NOBODY will ever want you. Jon, you are just too mean and selfish!



  • Erin

    If she didn't want to be called a homewrecker then why did she date a marry man before his divorce was final? She deserves everything that has come to her and I don't feel bad for her in the least. She asked for the media attention and now she is crying about it. PATHETIC

  • liraz

    shut up bitch you asked for it! hello!!! why do you think his marriage failed? you dumb whore!

  • ann

    why would a 22 year rich girl want with a balding overweight washed up dad anyway, he is a jerk if you hadnt notice before

  • jeffvond

    Thank God she FINALLY got a make over. She looks less like a crackwhore. Can't Mommy and Daddy buy her a better boyfriend?? The bowl of sliced onions probably helped her cry. Frankly I'd be in tears if I had sex with Jon Gosselin.

  • dietz

    Publicity stunt ALL the way!!! She isnt fooling anyone and neither is John. It's not about you Hailey, It's about eight beautiful children and you are right in the way, MOVE ON

  • bawwow

    does she say .... "CWWWYING??"